Eleven El Segundo Police Department Positions “Eliminated” were Actually 911 Dispatchers Transferred to the South Bay Regional Public Communications (SBRPC) Authority

by Michael D. Robbins
Director, Public Safety Project, PublicSafetyProject.org

March 22, 2014

Mayor Bill Fisher Continues his Campaign of Deception as He Runs for Re-Election

El Segundo Mayor Bill Fisher wants voters to believe he reduced the City’s wildly excessive and unsustainable employee compensation costs by reducing City employee salaries by significant amounts. He also wants us to believe there were substantial numbers of City employee layoffs. These are not true.

The Schedule of Authorized Employees in the Fiscal Year 2011/12 City of El Segundo Adopted Budget (B11 – Employee Summary) deceptively reflects 11 Police Department positions as being eliminated.

11 Emergency Dispatchers who were transferred from the City of El Segundo to the South Bay Regional Public Communications (SBRPC) Authority to handle El Segundo 911 calls appear in the FY 2011/12 El Segundo City Budget as eliminated Police Department positions and implied layoffs.

In fact, those positions were transferred to another government agency. The positions were not police officers. They were 911 emergency dispatchers in the Police Services Support Employees (PSSE) union. They were transferred to the South Bay Regional Public Communications (SBRPC) Authority when the City shut down its 911 emergency dispatch center and went back to its previous practice of contracting with the SBRPC Authority for emergency dispatch services.

Thus, it is misleading to characterize these 11 Police Department employees as layoffs, because each one was still employed doing the same work for the City and ultimately paid by the City. The City still paid their salaries and benefits through the City’s payments to the SBRPC Authority. Each dispatcher was given $3,000 in transfer compensation and a guarantee that his or her base salary will increase or remain equivalent upon transfer to the SBRPC Authority.

For proof of this, Click HERE to see the April 6, 2010 El Segundo City Council Meeting Agenda, Consent Agenda Item E9 (PDF file pages 250-265) – Agreement for amendments to the Police Services Support Employees (PSSE) Union Memorandum of Understanding (MOU/Labor Agreement), and Item E10 (PDF file pages 266-274) – Agreement between the City of El Segundo and the SBRPC Authority for Emergency 911 Dispatch services. (8.75 MB PDF file)

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