2009-2010 City of El Segundo Separations due to Budgetary Reasons Mostly Early Retirements

by Michael D. Robbins
Director, Public Safety Project, PublicSafetyProject.org

March 20, 2014

Mayor Bill Fisher Continues his Campaign of Deception as He Runs for Re-Election

El Segundo Mayor Bill Fisher wants voters to believe he reduced the City’s wildly excessive and unsustainable employee compensation costs by reducing City employee salaries by significant amounts. He also wants us to believe there were substantial numbers of City employee layoffs. These are not true.

Fisher supported wildly excessive pay raises of 11.25% to 32.3% over three years for the already overpaid firefighter and police unions and their managers. These raises were approved by the City Council on April 7, 2009 and December 2, 2008, long after the Great Recession began, and include retroactive raises effective 6 and 9 months before they were approved on April 7, 2009. These raises were in addition to the automatic 5% “Step” raises firefighters and police are given each year for the four or five years after they year they are assigned to a new job position.

See City of El Segundo Can Save $3.3 Million Per Year in Employee Pension Costs for more details and documentation on those raises.

City employees received huge permanent pay raises, but most of their “concessions” were temporary, with the net result being increased employee compensation and increased pension costs to the City. Concessions included things like temporary one-time “unpaid” furlough days, which are like unpaid vacation days, and temporary suspension of cash-outs of accumulated unused vacation and sick leave hours. The firefighters and police were paid “Special Compensation” for those “unpaid” furlough days, which averages 33.5% of their regular earnings.

The alleged “reductions in salary” were achieved by temporary unpaid furlough days, temporary suspension of cash-out of accumulated unused vacation and sick leave hours, temporary reduction in overtime hours in 2010, and early retirements – many of them with lucrative and expensive incentives. No employees had their hourly pay rates reduced.

There were 26 City employee separations in 2009 and 2010 for budgetary reasons, and only 5 of those were layoffs. The rest were early retirements.

The employee separation data is shown in the following table, which was obtained by El Segundo resident Marc Rener through a California Public Records Act request.

2009-2010 City of El Segundo Employee Separations
due to Budgetary Reasons

Last Name First Name Position Title Reason for Separation Termination Date
Andoe Judy Recreation Superintendent Early Retirement 10/05/2009
Matthews Shirley Senior Administrative Specialist Early Retirement 10/05/2009
Cluff Loretta Accounting Technician Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Fuller Barbara Library Clerk I Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Gucayane Ray Wastewater Maintenance Worker II Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Leslie Jr. Nelson Dispatcher II Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Marion Marcia Accounts Specialist II Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Mc Leod Jeanne Senior Management Analyst Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Puerta Edward Street Maintwrker II Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Rami Renuka Library Assistant Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Tyagi Suresh Plan Check Engineer Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Ward Richard Fire Equipmt Mechanic Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Tobiason Ramona Senior Administrative Specialist Early Retirement 12/30/2009
Gossett Evelyn License/Permit Specialist II Early Retirement 01/15/2010
Gabig Ashling Crime Scene Investigator I Layoff 09/30/2010
Ley Chris Community Cable Program Specialist Layoff 09/30/2010
Luna Sandra Police Assistant I Layoff 09/30/2010
Murphy Arthur Park Maintenance Supervisor Layoff 09/30/2010
Severin Heather Principal Environmental Specialist Layoff 09/30/2010
Nemeth Kathryn Administrative Analyst Early Retirement 11/18/2010
Bonilla Elisa Library Assistant Early Retirement 12/17/2010
Crowe William Assistant City Manager Early Retirement 12/30/2010
Kozykoski Betsy Office Specialist I Early Retirement 12/30/2010
Lewis Mary Senior Administrative Specialist Early Retirement 12/30/2010
Mitsuda Janis Police Service Officer Early Retirement 12/30/2010
Thorn Norman Information Systems Manager Early Retirement 12/30/2010

Click HERE to view or download the PDF file provided by the City of El Segundo in response to that CPRA request, which contains the data table titled, 2009-2010 City of El Segundo Employee Separations due to Budgetary Reasons. (17 KB PDF file)

Right-Click HERE to download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file containing the data on 2009-2010 City of El Segundo Employee Separations due to Budgetary Reasons. (17 KB XLSX file)

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