Recall Racist and Undemocratic Governor Newsom, Elect Larry Elder – Letter to the El Segundo Herald by Michael D. Robbins

Recall Racist and Undemocratic Governor Newsom, Elect Larry Elder – Letter to the El Segundo Herald by Michael D. Robbins

By Michael D. Robbins
Monday, August 30, 2021

Copyright © 2021 by Michael D. Robbins. All rights reserved.

Recall Racist and Undemocratic Governor Newsom, Elect Larry Elder

Gavin Newsom and his Los Angeles Times Fake News Lynch Mob support racist, white supremacist, Democrat Jim Crow laws and policies that Larry Elder opposes–including Jim Crow gun control, minimum wage, ban on school-choice vouchers, and the over-kill economic lock-down that destroyed one-third of small businesses.

Democrat Jim Crow gun control laws date back to slavery. They keep law-abiding blacks vulnerable and dependent. Gun control increases violent crime, especially in poor minority communities.

Larry Elder is correct to quote economists Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell. Minimum wage is the most anti-black law. Racist, white supremacist Democrats enacted minimum wage and prevailing wage laws for white labor organizations, to keep poorly educated, unskilled, and inexperienced black job-seekers unemployed, so they will not compete at lower pay for white workers’ jobs and get job skills and experience.

The real minimum wage is always zero, when workers are priced out of the job market and remain unemployed because they are replaced by machines or more qualified workers.

Larry Elder supports school-choice vouchers that allow poor and minority families to escape from unsafe and failing schools.

A majority of California voters voted on three statewide ballot measures to keep and speed-up the death penalty, and to reject Marxist statewide “rent control” that partially abolishes property rights.

King Gavin ignored the election results, and issued reprieves for all death-row murderers, dismantled the execution chamber, and signed into law a Marxist Democrat statewide “rent control” bill.

Michael D. Robbins


There is much more to say than what is included in this letter, but the El Segundo Herald has a 250-word limit including the title, which is selected by the letter-writer.

This post was submitted as a letter to the editor of the El Segundo Herald newspaper, a weekly newspaper published by Herald Publications.

All California voters should vote YES on the first question, to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, and vote for Larry Elder on the second question of who should replace Gavin Newsom if a majority of votes counted voted YES on the first question.

Voters can vote NO on the first question and still vote for Larry Elder on the second question, but a YES vote is necessary to prevent further serious long-term damage to California by Governor Gavin Newsom’s malfeasance and malevolence.

Anyone can support Larry Elder’s campaign by making a campaign contribution or volunteering to work on the campaign by going to his campaign website at

My letter includes a defense of Larry Elder, a conservative black Republican candidate for governor in the recall election. The Los Angeles Times is waging a despicable dishonest smear campaign against Larry to save Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom from a legitimate recall. Larry is a longtime national radio talk show host, book author, documentary movie producer, and lawyer.

The L.A. Times has published many recent smear columns against Larry Elder, including a news column on August 20, 2021 titled “Column: Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned”. You can see it here:

I have listened to Larry Elder’s radio talk show on KRLA and before that on KABC for many years. I have called in at times, and I have meet him in person several times. I can vouch for Larry’s integrity. I personally know the L.A. Times is provably lying about Larry and what he has said, using their newspaper and website as a corrupt political campaign propaganda organ to improperly influence the election outcome. That is why the L.A. Times fails to give any examples or accurate exact quotes of Larry to back up their absurd claims.


I am granting Herald Publications and the El Segundo Herald the right to publish and republish this letter to the editor in print and digitally in any or all of its newspapers and websites, to keep, store, and distribute it in digital or paper backup and archive copies, with attribution of my authorship. I am keeping the copyright for this letter and reserve all rights including the right to translate, publish, republish, distribute, and have translated, published, republished, and distributed or redistributed this letter in print, digital, video, audio, and every other media existing now or in the future.

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