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Bird eggs and babies – Letter to The Beach Reporter by Mike Robbins

Letter to The Beach Reporter by Mike Robbins

Published in The Beach Reporter on Thursday, July 23, 2015.

Bird eggs and babies

I read with concern the tree trimming troubles letter (July 16, The Beach Reporter). Elizabeth Courtenay wrote, “It is a violation of state and federal law to trim or cut trees or shrubs while night herons and great blue herons are nesting, but there are regular violations of these laws in the South Bay.”

My concern was not with people exercising their right to choose to trim their trees, but with laws that place greater value on bird nests and eggs than on unborn human babies with heartbeats and brainwaves — the vital signs used to determine whether a born person is alive or dead.

Americans have killed (aborted) 57 million little human beings dehumanized as “indistinguishable tissue masses” since 1973. Even when small enough to fit on a quarter coin (e.g., at 8 weeks), they have little arms and legs, fingers and toes, and a head with identifiable but still forming eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

The only difference between unprotected unborn persons and protected born persons is their size, location, level of development and capability for independent living. It is illegal to kill born persons, young and old, based on these criteria, but not to gruesomely and painfully dismember and kill unborn persons. Yet it is a serious state and federal crime to disturb a bird nest.

America’s moral compass is broken.

The website has graphic but educational photos showing the level of development of unborn persons at 7 to 26 weeks ( Learn the truth, if you dare.

Mike Robbins
El Segundo Continue reading

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