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America’s Founding Principles in 250 Words, Including the Title

America’s Founding Principles in 250 Words, Including the Title

By Michael D. Robbins
Monday, June 28, 2021

Copyright © 2021 by Michael D. Robbins. All rights reserved.

America’s Founding Principles:

(1) Equality in liberty and law, not equality in outcomes through inequality in liberty and law.

(2) Unalienable God-given individual Natural Rights that no people or government can take away.

(3) No government without consent of the governed.

(4) No taxation without representation.

(5) All power inherently belongs to the people except limited enumerated powers the people voluntarily and revocably delegate to government through a written constitution the people can unilaterally change but government cannot.

(6) The people cannot have all the power and prevent tyranny if government has all the guns. Therefore, the people have the right to keep and bear dual-use arms.

(7) The purpose of government is to protect the people’s liberty. When it fails to do so or violates liberty, the people have the right and duty to alter or abolish and replace their government.

(8) America is not a democracy. America was founded as a constitutional representative republic that protects minorities, to prevent tyranny of the majority in democracies, and tyranny of the minority in monarchies and dictatorships. Article IV Section 4: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”.

(9) The Constitution requires very many features to constrain, limit, separate, and balance powers to limit concentrations and abuse of power and conflicts of interest.

(10) Liberty is more easily lost than regained. Every generation must learn, teach, and vigorously protect America’s Founding Principles established in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Federalist Papers.

Notes About This Post

This post was written by Michael D. Robbins as a Letter to the Editor for the July 1, 2021 edition of the El Segundo Herald, a publication of Herald Publications in El Segundo, California. The word count limit is 250 words including the title, which is also written by the letter author. Therefore, there was not sufficient words within the word count limit to go into additional important points, including but not limited to the points below, which will be addressed in additional letters to the editor and/or posts on this website.

This letter was submitted to the El Segundo Herald and Herald Publications with the following note regarding copyright:


I am granting Herald Publications and the El Segundo Herald the right to publish and republish this letter to the editor in print and digitally in any or all of its newspapers and websites, to keep, store, and distribute it in digital or paper backup and archive copies, with attribution of my authorship. I am keeping the copyright for this letter and reserve all rights including the right to publish, republish, distribute, and have published, republished, and distributed or redistributed this letter in print, digital, video, audio, and every other media existing now or in the future. I am working on writing several books and this letter is a derivative work and adaptation of content from at least one of my books. Thank you for your understanding.

Michael D. Robbins


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