Video – Scott Houston in Disbanding Our Fire Department 101 with Measure P

Scott Houston in Disbanding Our Fire Department 101 with Measure P

El Segundo City Council candidate Scott Houston has completely misrepresented his true record, politics, and agenda. Houston is a tax-and-spend Progressive (ultra-liberal), not a fiscal conservative.

Houston claimed in his campaign literature that he wants to “maintain local control of our fire department”. However, as demonstrated by the video above and the links to the official El Segundo City Council meeting minutes, Scott Houston urged the City Council to enact Measure P as an ordinance that night, without letting the people vote on it, at the February 15, 2011 El Segundo City Council meeting.

Measure P will disband our local City Fire Department and force El Segundo to contract with Los Angele County for a significantly reduced level of fire and paramedic service, for at least ten years under state law, and under price, terms and service levels dictated by L.A. County under an adhesion contract mandated by Measure P, the fire union’s initiative.

Houston read a script nearly identical to the script read by Bryan Partlow, the fire union representative who sponsored Measure P because he is the only firefighter union member that lives in El Segundo. Both Houston and Partlow urged the City Council, to enact Measure P directly into law without an election, and if not then as their second choice, to schedule Measure P for a vote at an early Special Election within only a few months.

That would have given the firefighters’ union a huge unfair advantage, the union can fund and organize their campaign almost instantly, while the residents would be just ramping up their campaign after the election is over. The firefighters’ union can easily raise $100,000 or more almost instantly from among their union members, and they have dozens of volunteers to work their campaign because the firefighters only have to work two out of every six days, and they get paid to sleep.

Scott Houston was clearly upset when he spoke at the second Public Communications period, at the end of the meeting, because the City Council voted 3 to 2 to schedule Measure P for the next regular election, on April 10, 2012, when the he would run for City Council after he lobbied the Council to enact Measure P directly into law without letting the voters vote on it. Those would be the same voters that he would ask to vote for him!

And Scott Houston had proved by his own actions, that he will represent the fire and police unions rather than the voters and taxpayers.

The February 15, 2011 El Segundo City Council meeting minutes state, near the bottom of page 3:

“Scott Houston, resident, spoke regarding budget restrictions and fire and paramedic protection. He urged Council to adopt the initiative ordinance tonight and if not place it on the earliest possible election date.”

You can read the February 15, 2011 meeting minutes yourself on the official City of El Segundo web site at:

El Segundo City Council Meeting Minutes Index

El Segundo City Council Meeting Minutes for February 15, 2011



[ Full transcript to be provided in the near future. ]

Thank you for watching this presentation of the Public Safety Project.

Scott Houston is OUT OF STEP with our Community.

Scott Houston is IN LOCK-STEP with the FIRE & POLICE UNIONS.

Marie Fellhauer and Cindee Topar endorsed (2010) Scott Houston.

Marie Fellhauer is a POLICE UNION MEMBER in Los Angeles.

Cindee Topar was Campaign Manager for a FIRE UNION MEMBER.

Topar is an official in a MILITANT UNION that TARGETS THE CUSTOMERS.

Please vote for Fiscal Responsibility, Transparency, and Control by Voters, . . .

. . . NOT Control by FIRE & POLICE UNIONS . . .

. . . that have been LOOTING the PUBLIC TREASURY . . .

. . . of the City they are Sworn to Protect.

Please VOTE FOR Carl Jacobson, David Atkinson, & Dave Burns.

Please VOTE FOR Lisa Wood for City Clerk for more Transparency.

Election Day in El Segundo is April 10, 2012.


This has been a video production by Michael D. Robbins of the Public Safety Project.

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Michael D. Robbins
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