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Video – Vote NO on Measure P Cartoon featuring FIRE HERO and SMART LADY

Vote NO on Measure P Cartoon featuring FIRE HERO and SMART LADY

This very funny cartoon was created by one of our Public Safety Project supporters on February 9, 2011. He took a few liberties in making the video, but it is basically correct. All the title slides containing text information are Mike Robbins’ work and contain correct information.

Measure P will permanently eliminate El Segundo’s three city-operated paramedic ambulances forever, because the Los Angeles County Fire Department does not operate paramedic ambulances, and El Segundo will permanently lose its legal grandfathered status to operate them.

This will force city residents to use out-of-town private ambulance companies with significantly increased hospital transport times and ambulance fees. The City currently only charges residents what their insurance will pay.

The following data shows that El Segundo residents rely far more on their city-operated paramedic ambulances than on firefighters putting out fires. There were zero major residential structure fires (defined as having $100,000 or more in damage) in El Segundo from January 1, 2008 through April 30 2011.

During that same period, there was an average of 828 paramedic ambulance transports of victims to a hospital per year (city-wide).

El Segundo residents will be far worse off if Measure P passes and as a result they lose their three city-operated paramedic ambulances.

This data is from public record documents obtained from the El Segundo Fire Department in May, 2011 by Mike Robbins, former El Segundo City Councilman and director of the El Segundo Public Safety Project.

If measure P passes, residents will suffer reduced paramedic services and reduced fire protection services.

Number of Major Structure Fires per Year ( > $100,000 damage ):
2008: 1 (129 Arena St. – Commercial Building fire)
2009: 0
2010: 1 (1970 E Imperial Hwy. / Raytheon Bldg. R1 – Commercial Building fire)
2011: 1* (2000 E El Segundo Blvd. / Raytheon Bldg. E1 – Commercial Building fire due to Helicopter Crash)
*Through April 30

Number of Paramedic Hospital Transports per year:
2008: 777
2009: 737
2010: 674
2011: 281*
*Through April 30

Video Transcript:


This is a special presentation of the Public Safety Project

( Watch the cartoon. ) … Continue reading

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Video – Cindee Topar in Solving Our City’s Top Problems 101 – El Segundo – Public Safety Project

Cindee Topar in Solving Our City’s Top Problems 101

Cindee Topar at a City Council meeting
Cindee Topar at a City Council meeting.
Photo copyright © 2012 by Michael D. Robbins.


Cindee Topar has taken thousands of dollars in campaign support from the radical Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters (LALCV). Although the name may sound innocuous, their agenda and the candidates they support are quite extreme, and they divert and squander taxpayer money for their own private agenda purposes. The LALCV is a political action committee (PAC). They do not plant any trees, clean up any parks or beaches, or do any other hands-on conservation-related work. Their sole purpose for existing is to get candidates who subscribe to their extremist political agenda elected to public offices.

An internet search found that LALCV promotes an agenda ranging from banning plastic bags to increasing taxes and trash collection fees to pay for more of their environmental programs, to “Toilet to Tap”.

“Toilet to Tap” would have recycled Hyperion sewage coming out of our kitchen and bathroom taps if a majority on City Council were to successfully promote it. I don’t think we need that, and I don’t think we are ready for that.

Scott Houston, Eric Busch, Bill Fisher, and Jim Boulgarides have also received LALCV endorsements, and likely also received LALCV cash contributions and/or expensive campaign mailers.

For all races, the LALCV Board of Directors uses a rigorous four-step vetting process in making its campaign endorsements to ensure they only support candidates who will actively pursue their radical agenda. The vetting process includes a detailed questionnaire and in-person interview, followed by an evaluation and recommendation by an endorsement team, then finally, a vote of the full Board. In some cases, the Board will also elect to financially support a candidate or ballot initiative along with its endorsement. Only the most extreme candidates running in races where the LALCV has a reasonable chance of influencing the election outcome get both the LALCV endorsement and the financial support.

The campaign support Topar took from the LALCV included large cash contributions and three expensive campaign mailers when Topar ran for El Segundo City Council in 2008. LALCV has contributed or will contribute $750 to Topar for her 2012 El Segundo City Council campaign.

The third LALCV campaign mailer sent for Topar in 2008 was a large full-color card stock campaign mailer that claimed in large bold letters, “Thanks to CINDEE TOPAR, El Segundo has cleaner air, healthier water and more open space.” You can see the front side of that campaign mailer below.

Third LALCV campaign mailer for Cindee Topar in her 2008 campaign for El Segundo City Council.

Video Transcript:Continue reading

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