Rebuttal to the Argument in Favor of Measure B on the April 12, 2016 El Segundo General Municipal Election Ballot

Here is the Sample Ballot Rebuttal to the Argument in Favor of Measure B, El Segundo’s 50 Percent TOT Tax Hike from 8% to 12% on the April 12, 2016 El Segundo General Municipal Election ballot.

This rebuttal is in addition to the Sample Ballot Argument Against Measure B and the Additional Arguments Against Measure B.

City of El Segundo, California

April 12, 2016 General Municipal Election Ballot

Measure B – Hotel Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) increase from 8% to 12%

From page 10 of the Sample Ballot:

Rebuttal to the Argument in Favor of Measure B

VOTE “NO” on Measure B.

Don’t be fooled by misused economic terms and cherrypicked data!

Taxes are not at “market rate” when politicians unilaterally impose them and use government’s police power to forcibly collect them.

Measure B will DESTROY El Segundo’s competitive edge and longtime reputation as a business-friendly city.

Hotel room rates and TOT revenue have increased significantly since 1996 (20 years). Annual TOT revenue is UP $1.5 MILLION (38%) since FY 2009-10 WITHOUT RAISING TAXES (see

The proposed 12% TOT will place El Segundo at 24% above the 9.69% average for 483 California cities and counties.

TAX PERCENTAGE RATES should not keep increasing to pay for excessive increases to already unsustainable government employee salaries and pensions that far exceed the private sector.

One City employee got a 23% raise and was paid nearly $600,000 total in his last year! (See

Measure B is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION because it taxes hotel guests who can’t vote on it.

The City Attorney said a resolution on how to spend the money IS NOT BINDING, and only language in the ballot measure can be binding. City Council chose the NONBINDING route!

The hotel industry doesn’t need hotel tax hikes to “promote tourism”.

City Council raised Chevron’s taxes by more than $8.5 MILLION average per year for 15 years in 2013.

Development of the 142 acre Raytheon property will provide El Segundo with $5 MILLION in fees plus an estimated $2.6 MILLION annual tax revenue increase.

VOTE “NO” on Measure B!

  • Mike Robbins, Former Council Member
  • Jane Waag Friedkin, Former Council Member
  • Charles Wilkerson, 37-Year Resident
  • Marc Rener, 21-Year Homeowner
  • Mike Van Biezen, 27-Year Resident

Additional Arguments Against Measure B:

There are additional compelling arguments against Measure B that did not fit within the word count limit of the Rebuttal to the Argument in Favor of Measure B in the Sample Ballot, and a most compelling argument that arose after the deadline to submit the ballot argument and rebuttal. Click HERE to see them.

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