Video – Shows Scott Houston and Bryan Partlow urging the El Segundo City Council to enact Measure P into law without an election

This is a very short version video shows excerpts of City Council candidate Scott Houston and El Segundo firefighters’ union member and Measure P proponent Bryan Partlow reading nearly identical scripts at the February 15, 2011 El Segundo City Council meeting.

Both Houston and Partlow strongly urged the El Segundo City Council to immediately enact Measure P directly into law, without letting the voters vote on it. Then they had the nerve to say that if the City Council would not enact Measure P directly into law and thereby deny the voters their right to vote on it, as their second choice, they wanted a special election as early as possible because the voters had a right to vote on it!

What dishonesty!

An early election in May, June, or July, 2011, as Houston and Partlow requested, as opposed to putting Measure P on the ballot for the April 10, 2012 regular election, would have given the firefighters’ union a huge unfair advantage in winning because the firefighters’ union has much more money to spend and many more campaign workers. The firefighters are on 48-hours shifts and work only two out of every six days. They have four out of every six days off from work, and they get paid to sleep a third of the time during their two work days. This gives the firefighters plenty of time to work on their union’s Measure P initiative campaign.

Scott Houston may claim he changed his mind on Measure P, but he cannot change history and gloss over the fact that he very actively tried to deny El Segundo voters their right to vote on Measure P, the most important item on the April 10, 2012 ballot.

Here is a direct link to the video:

2011-02-15-El Segundo City Council Mtg-Measure P-Partlow & Houston Excerpts
VOTE “NO” ON MEASURE P on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at the El Segundo City election, to save money and lives.

You can watch all the videos at the Public Safety Project YouTube web page at:

Here is a transcript from the video.

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