El Segundo School Teachers may be disciplined for having students make campaign signs in high school wood shop

El Segundo School Teachers Union members were caught having students make City Council campaign yard signs for Democrat candidate Mike Gordon in the El Segundo High School Wood Shop – Mike Gordon was backed by the El Segundo firefighter, police, and school teachers unions (Update)


Los Angeles Times


Political Campaigns

South Bay

Campaign Controversy

April 9, 1996

Two teachers at El Segundo High School may be disciplined for their involvement in helping a City Council candidate get hundreds of campaign signs made in the school’s wood shop. El Segundo Unified School District Supt. William Manahan said he will make a decision before April 23.

Peter MacDonald, attorney for the school district, launched an investigation after 246 signs for council candidate Mike Gordon were found in the wood shop early last month. Gordon, running in today’s city election, said he was paying the students to assemble the signs after class.

The district attorney’s office said it is unlikely that the political sign-making violated the state education code, but it recommended that some disciplinary action should be taken against wood shop teacher Anthony Hawkesworth and English teacher Ray Gen.

Hawkesworth supervised the students. Gen organized the assembly of signs and used his own money to buy the wooden stakes, staples and nails.

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