State Ballot Measures – Letter to The Beach Reporter by Michael D. Robbins

The following letter to the editor was published in The Beach Reporter newspaper ( on Thursday, November 1, 2012 in the Letters section. The Beach Reporter has a strict 250-word limit.

State Ballot Measures

Please vote “yes” on Propositions 32 and 35, and “no” on all others, including all tax measures, all L.A. County measures (except B?) and El Camino Measure E. Taxes are unreasonably high. We’re forced to pay for massive welfare fraud (at least 25 percent, billions of dollars per year statewide) and K-12 education costs for illegal alien children who are not supposed to be in California (about 40 percent, $20 billion per year).

Proposition 32 bans automatic employee payroll deductions for political purposes, and bans direct union and corporate contributions to state and local candidates. Proposition 33 repeals some consumer protections in Proposition 103 and increases costs to many drivers. Proposition 34 repeals the death penalty in all cases, even for terrorists and mass-murderers, no matter how many murder victims. Without the death penalty, lifers can murder guards and other prisoners with impunity. The death penalty saves money by plea-bargaining down to a life sentence without an expensive trial.

Proposition 36 weakens the three-strikes law and will likely increase violent crime. Many violent felon repeat-offenders have committed unsolved violent felonies and have violent felonies plea-bargained down to lesser crimes due to court overcrowding before they accumulate their official third strike. Proposition 37 is a trial lawyer’s full-time employment act in the guise of consumer protection. It was written by trial lawyers to create a giant and expensive trap for farmers, grocers and consumers, where lawyers can file frivolous lawsuits without a client and without injuries or damages.

See for more information.

Michael Robbins
El Segundo

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