Doesn’t like unions – Letter to The Beach Reporter by Marc Rener

The following letter to the editor was published in The Beach Reporter newspaper ( on Thursday, August 11, 2011 in the Letters section. The Beach Reporter has a strict 250-word limit.

Doesn’t like unions

Neil Snow is the epitome of naivete that unions love in their members.

He knows nothing about the payoff and kickbacks (called contributions) made by unions to the politicians who gave them these ridiculous contracts.

Union integrity? Unions can and do recruit aliens, both legal and illegal, as members? S.E.I.U. ring any bells?

So much for the English-speaking Americans workers the unions claim to protect.

The billions of taxpayer dollars to “save” GM? Stockholder shares became worthless, yet 40 percent went to protect the union pensions.

In his letter to the editor in last week’s paper, he “parrots” from union manuals every propaganda terminology and definition. He writes, “‘scabs’ . . . is an euphemism for someone who cannot get a job on their own merit.”

He writes, “Employees who would accept lower wages, no bargaining rights and no job security do an inferior job. Lateness, no show, stealing.”

“Now just imagine those types of employees who would agree to those terms. And now imagine they are firefighters and police,” writes Snow.

Tell that to the non-union waitress at the Kettle restaurant in Manhattan Beach, or the non-union Federal Express Drivers, secretaries, auto mechanics, every person in the U.S. military, the 80 percent (280 million) of Americans in this country who are non-union. Sainthood of unions?

Fact: On March 17, 2011, an ex-L.A. fire captain, union member, is convicted of murdering his girlfriend; he is still eligible for his union pension.

Fact: On March 13, 2010, four Manhattan Beach police officers, union members, were suspended; one officer, union member, was fired.

Fact: On April 18, 2011, a $160,000 a year El Segundo firefighter, union member, was arrested for shoplifting.

Wrong again.

Marc Rener
El Segundo

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