The Public Safety Project™ was founded in 1999 in El Segundo, California, by Michael D. Robbins. Its mission includes the following:

1) Educate public officials, public figures, educators, and the public on the most effective, efficient, and responsible public policies and practices that promote public safety, stability, liberty, and the efficient use of taxpayer money.

2) Expose ineffective, counter-productive, wasteful, and dangerous public policies and practices that diminish public safety and stability, and that waste and squander taxpayer money.

3) Expose the inherent and unavoidable conflict of interest, and the corruption that results, when government employee unions (“associations”) give endorsements, contributions, and other forms of campaign support to candidates who can directly or indirectly influence the union members’ salaries, benefits, and pensions once elected to public office.

Typically, the government employee unions campaign for the candidates who will give them the biggest pay raises, no matter how excessive and unsustainable, and then raise taxes and fees to pay for the raises. This is especially true for sworn firefighters and police officers, who have positions of authority and public trust, and abuse their authority and public trust by deceiving and intimidating voters into voting for the candidates who will maximize their compensation and pensions.

4) Educate the public on the necessity to repeal the laws that allow government employees to unionize and engage in “collective bargaining”, which is often really collective corruption and collective extortion, because the inherent and unavoidable conflict of interest it creates has been driving local and state governments towards bankruptcy.

We cannot prevent government employee unions from exercising their First Amendment right to participate in political campaigns to elect the politicians who determine their compensation and pensions. Therefore, the only solution is to go back to the system that worked in the past, by abolishing and prohibiting government employee unions and “collective bargaining” (collective corruption/collective extortion).

5) Expose government waste, fraud, and abuse that diverts taxpayer money away from safety and other essential public services.

6) Research, develop, and champion the most effective government employee compensation and pension reforms to restore fiscal responsibility in local and state government.

7) Promote real and effective Redistricting Reform to end gerrymandering, restore fair and competitive elections, and improve government integrity and responsiveness.

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