Thank God America is NOT a Democracy!

Thank God America is NOT a Democracy!

By Michael D. Robbins
Thursday, June 27, 2024

Copyright © 2024 by Michael D. Robbins. All rights reserved.

Thank God America is NOT a Democracy!

America’s Founding Fathers created the greatest and freest nation in history. They created America as the only nation based on Judeo-Christian values and corresponding unalienable God-given individual Natural Rights that cannot be taken away by people or government. The rights of every minority are protected, down to the individual.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Founding Fathers created an incredible republican system of government that protects against tyranny of the majority in democracies, against tyranny of the minority in monarchies and other types of dictatorships, and against tyranny of the bureaucracy under unlimited government.

In a democracy, the majority rules. The smallest majority can vote away the liberty, earnings, savings, property, and lives of the largest minority.

The “Democratic” party has become a Marxist party striving to destroy Constitutional protections against government tyranny, accumulate total unlimited power, and establish a communist Marxist dictatorship to steal everything and enslave everyone.

The Constitution Article IV, Section 4 states, “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government”.

Every time Democrats say Republicans are “a threat to our democracy”, remember this: the “Democratic” party isn’t democratic, America isn’t a democracy, and the “Democratic” party is a threat to our Constitutional Republic.

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By Michael D. Robbins
Thursday, June 27, 2024

See the additional information in my letter titled, “America’s Founding Principles in 250 Words, Including the Title”, published in the El Segundo Herald newspaper on Thursday, July 1, 2021, here:

Democrat legislators, presidents and governors, and judges regularly ignore the constitution, laws, and election results. And they eliminate or weaken safeguards against election fraud and theft to make it easier to steal elections and more difficult to detect and stop election fraud and theft.

Democrat presidents regularly exceed their Constitutional powers and violate the Constitutional separation of powers by issuing executive orders that effectively legislate from the White House.

Democrat presidents and governors, legislators, and judges regularly violate their oath of office to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Democrat presidents and governors regularly violate their constitutional duty too faithfully execute the laws when it comes to laws they disagree with.

Democrat judges regularly exceed their constitutional authority and violate constitutional separation of powers, and issue rulings that effectively amend the Constitution and legislate from the courthouse by reinterpreting language in the Constitution and in laws to mean things completely different from what the plain language says and from the original intent.

Here are some specific examples, although there are many more.

President Joe Biden violated his constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws including the immigration laws by reversing President Donald Trump’s border security policies that significantly reduced illegal alien infiltration and drug smuggling. Joe Biden has been giving illegal aliens large amounts of taxpayer money for transportation, housing, food, and healthcare services.

President Joe Biden exceeded his Constitutional authority and violated Constitutional separation of powers by issued an executive order to cancel and “forgive” college student loans to effectively buy votes without legislative authority. The Supreme Court ruled Joe Biden exceeded his authority. Joe Biden ignored the Supreme Court ruling and canceled student loans in defiance of the court.

A majority of California voters voted against an initiative ballot measure to abolish the death penalty.

California’s radical Marxist Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom ignored the majority of voters and the election result, and dismantled the execution chamber, and issued a reprieve to every murderer and multiple murderer on death row.

A majority of California voters voted against an initiative ballot measure to enact a fascist socialist Marxist statewide rent control law.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom and the Democrat party super-majority in California’s state legislature ignored the majority of voters and the election result, and enacted a statewide fascist socialist Marxist rent control law.

California’s Democrat state legislators, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, and Democrat State Supreme Court justices took the Taxpayer Protection Voter Initiative off the November, 2024 ballot even though it was properly qualified with sufficient voter signatures. Using their twisted reasoning, they would have taken the Proposition 13 property tax increase limitation initiative off the ballot if it were qualified this year.

According to Orange County, California Board of Supervisors Chairman Don Wagner:

Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom and the California State Legislature, meaning the Democrat super-majority in the California State Legislature, sued to remove the taxpayer rights initiative from the California state ballot despite the fact enough signatures have been collected to put it on the ballot.

The Taxpayer Protection Voter Initiative would have required that all tax increases, not just some, be subject to a two-thirds majority voter approval.

The California State Supreme Court, which is made up of all Democrat-appointed justices, issued and absurd opinion in this case.

It claimed that this initiative ballot measure would fundamentally change the structure of the California government and therefore cannot be on the ballot but most instead result from a California State Constitutional Convention.

This is absurd because it does not change the structure of the California state government. There will still be three branches of government — a legislative branch, executive branch, and judicial branch. Also, this is not much different than Proposition 13 which requires a two-thirds majority vote to approve property tax increases.

There is no way to appeal this to the United States Supreme Court. The California State Supreme Court has the last word on this.

Don Wagner
Chairman, Orange County Board of Supervisors

Campaign website:

Orange County, California Supervisor District 3 website:

Copyright © 2024 by Michael D. Robbins. All rights reserved.

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