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03-01-2007 PSP EXCLUSIVE - LAPD Chief William Bratton admits he is not applying California's "Three Strikes" law to many violent illegal alien gang members.

Gerrymander and the Need for Redistricting Reform
The gerrymander is a form of election fraud and outright election theft committed during redistricting, where new election district boundary lines are drawn to give the the incumbents of all parties safe, noncompetitive election districts. Gerrymandering reduces public safety and endangers the public because it ensures re-election of soft-on-crime politicians who ignore the public safety needs of their constituents and enact dangerous laws that favor criminals over their intended victims.

Visit the FraudFactor Gerrymander web page to learn more about gerrymandering and how you can stop it. Fair and competitive elections will help us reduce crime and build safer neighborhoods.

Laws on Police Protection
Under the legal principle of Sovereign Immunity, and California Government Code section 845, no government official, employee, or entity is liable for failure to protect any individual. Therefore, people must protect themselves and their families, and gun control is both counter-productive and immoral.
PDF Logo Laws on Police Protection - PDF file (18.9 KB, 2 pages, B&W).
PDF Logo Laws on Police Protection - PDF file (21.4 KB, 2 pages, Color).

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