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National Socialism is an extreme leftist ideology and form of government, or rule, where government limits personal and economic freedom, including property rights, and where the government may own some of the means of production but exerts control over the means of production it does not own. Adolf Hitler’s Nazis were National Socialists, i.e., left-wing extremists.

National Socialism has been associated with extreme racism, anti-Semitism, and genocide including the Nazi Holocaust of six million German and European Jews during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

National Socialism engages in the theft and redistribution of “wealth”, i.e., income, savings, and property, from those who earned it and own it to those who did not earn it and do not own it, as a means to buy votes and maintain and increase political power.

The Devil Made Us Equal by Mike Robbins

The Devil Made Us Equal by Michael D. Robbins Wednesday, August 10, 2016 The Devil told the people, “I’m a Democrat. Elect me and everyone will be equal. I will punish the wealthy, and the businesses and corporations. I will … Continue reading

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